Bigblue Snoot (5 types)
Brand: BigBlue

The Bigblue Dive Light Snoot is a must-have accessory for underwater photographers and videographers. This device helps to focus the light beam, creating a spotlight effect that illuminates your subject while minimizing backscatter and light pollution. It is easy to attach and remove, and compatible with a variety of Bigblue dive lights.

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Lights BigBlue

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Compatible Lights for Snoot 35

  • AL1300Wp
  • AL1300XWP
  • AL1300WP-Tail
  • RGB White II
  • AL1800WP
  • AL1800XWP
  • AL2600XWP
  • AL2600XWPB

Compatible Lights for Snoot 38

  • 2018 models for AL1200 series and RGB Series

Compatible Lights for Snoot 50

  • CB4000P

Compatible Lights for Snoot 55

  • VL6000P

Compatible Lights for Snoot 63

  • CB7200P
  • CB7200PB
  • CB11000P
  • CB11000PB

* Please note that, as with all snoots, they work best with single LED lights or COB lights. Using multiple LED lights with snoots may produce more than one beam output.