Inon UW Tripod Hub
Brand: Inon
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Make Your Own Underwater Tripod
The UW Tripod Hub is designed to use INON ”Carbon Telescopic Arm SS/S/M/L” or ”Stick Arm XS-T/SS-T/S-T/M-T” as tripod legs supporting wide range of tripod applications.
The UW Tripod Hub is equipped with 1/4 tripod screw to add "UW 3-Way Panhead" or head part of variety of Shoe Base products (*2). Usable as a simple tripod by attaching underwater housing directly.

(*2) Compatible Shoe Base products are "Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC" and "Shoe Base M6" as their head part can be separated. Those head parts are available in the market.

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    UW Tripod System

    Having "UW Tripod Hub" as a fundamental part, this newly designed underwater tripod system offers wide variety of configurations of "pan-head parts" and "tripod legs".
    In addition to use on land and in freshwater, whole system is usable in saltwater thanks to specially selected material, surface finishing and assembling method. (*1)

    (*1) After using, make sure to rinse the product in fresh water to dissolve salt deposit and apply grease according to respective user manuals.

    UW Tripod Hub [Leg mount] Compatibility
    Stick Arm XS-T/SS-T/S-T/M-T
    Carbon Telescopic Arm SS/S/M/L
    UW Tripod Hub [Screw mount] Compatibility
    (1/4-20UNC screw)
    UW 3-Way Panhead
    Tripod Adapter for D Holder
    Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head
    Shoe Base M6 Head
    Single Light Holder LF for Tripod
    Single Light Holder LE for Tripod
    Tripod Adapter
    SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4
    SD Front Mask STD (with packaged "Mount Adapter")
    SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 (with packaged "Mount Adapter ")
    SD Mount Base for TG-Tracker (with packaged "Mount Adapter")
    SD Mount Base UWH1 (with packaged "Mount Adapter")
    An underwater housing equipped with "1/4-20UNC" tripod screw hole (screw hole depth 5mm or deeper).

    Three Opening Angles 
    Each leg mount is equipped with a "Lock Lever" to lock leg position at either of [high], [middle] or [low] positions. Each leg can be set to different opening angles to make an elevator column vertical even in uneven or rough sea ground.
    Friction when opening/closing legs can be adjusted by tightening/loosening fixing bolts on joints.

    Center Column Type Elevator 
    The center column type elevator consists of two parts. Removing lower elevator enables to put combined camera position down close to the ground when opening angle is set to low position.
    Remove the Lower Elevator Column You can get lower height. Extra "Lower Elevator" can be jointed on the original Lower Elevator to extend total height at 145mm/5.7in.
    It is also possible to hang down a camera system by attaching the elevator upside-down for extremely low angle shooting or shooting a subject just underneath of the tripod.

    2-Way Ferrule (rubber/spike) 
    Bundled "2-Way Ferrule" offers two configurations either rubber or spike tip. Ferrules are to be screwed on ball-joints on tripod leg edges. Turning rubber parts upwards will have spike tips to accommodate to different circumstances.

    More Stability with Weight 
    There are several options to enhance stability of the tripod system including hanging a dive weight from the strap hole or jointing a dive weight by using a ball-joint on a tripod leg besides using a stone bag.